Integrity within therapy creates safety.

Integrity can mean different things. The integrity within yourself to live in alignment with your value system. You may not know what your value system is yet, we can explore this together. Find the courage to be the person you genuinely want to be, the person you truly are, who may have got lost along the way. 

Integrity from my point of view means me taking my responsibility towards your welfare very seriously. Respecting the personal and confidential nature of what you share with me, setting and holding healthy boundaries to keep us safe, and to help you set your own boundaries in your life. 

As with medicine, psychotherapy is a continually evolving field and requires regular training. My own self-care, training, personal development, and growth is part of this learning process, which I pay due care and attention to, so I can be the best I can to help you. 


“Choosing courage over comfort, choosing what is right over what is fun, fast or easy; and choosing to practice our values rather than simply professing them.”
Brene Brown