Any lived experience that is co-created between two people is completely unique, there will be no other client and therapist like you and I and no other session or process of work will be the same. I believe that a person’s story is more powerful than any theory. Tell stories, not theories; this is my philosophy.

The biggest predictor of success in therapy is not the approach that is practised by the therapist, but rather the strength of the relationship that is fostered between the therapist and client. Above all else this is created by genuine and heartfelt human connection. The aim is for us to develop a rapport and understanding of each other over time. With care and acceptance from me, you will hopefully feel comfortable to be completely yourself. Human beings break in relationship and we heal in relationship too; it is the therapeutic relationship that heals.

There are many things that happen within the therapy process. Sometimes you will just need a space to offload, be heard and witnessed. At other times you may appreciate insights or challenges. I am constantly paying attention and attuning to what you need in any given moment.

The way we work will likely evolve and change over time. I utilise many different techniques and skills within therapy including meditation, visualisation, bodywork, breathwork, spiritual exploration, neuroscience, life narratives, psychotherapy theory, depth psychology, shadow work and not forgetting the importance of having a good sense of humour.

The process of healing and personal growth takes time, work and patience. It is ultimately about love. By accepting all of your life experiences and learning to love yourself deeply, developing resilience and the ability to bounce back; eventually you will be able to reclaim your story as that which makes you a beautifully strong and complex human being.

Investing in yourself through counselling and psychotherapy, because of the ripple effect, can have profound and far-reaching positive effects on your life. This process has the potential to totally change your life.

This is a journey of healing and transformation I have been on myself, which is why I believe in this work so wholeheartedly.


“The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if
there is any reaction, both are transformed.”

Carl Jung