I don’t think of people as being disordered, broken or damaged.

Although I accept they may be struggling with life, or in a lot of pain, and they need some help. This does not mean there’s anything wrong with them. We are all incredibly complex and unique individuals, who are worthy of compassion and attention.

I believe that a person’s personality is in a state of flux and that all people have the capacity to change. I believe that labelling and diagnosis can sometimes keep people painfully and unnecessarily stuck in a place of “there’s something wrong with me, I’m abnormal!” At other times a diagnosis is necessary to get people the care and support that they need. I would encourage clients not to get stuck in the label they are given, but to come back to a place of being whole again.

I welcome clients from all ethnicities, class backgrounds, genders and sexual orientations. I recognise the difficult path many people have probably already travelled in a society that doesn’t represent them, or validate their struggles. I am also aware of the varied life experiences of clients from different age groups, particularly given the fast pace at which the world is changing. I feel all generations have a unique story to tell and struggle to address, which I’m really interested to hear. I welcome clients of all ages.

“Of course I am a feminist. I have been female for a long time now. It’d be stupid not to be on my own side.”
Maya Angelou